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ACTC Academy Bike Driving Overview

“Bike Driving I & II Overview”

Classes meet at various locations in and near San Jose. Each successive ride becomes increasingly longer and more challenging. Students need to devote all day Saturday to the Academy instruction and ride. Because new instruction is presented at every session students are required to attend regularly. Riding during the week to practice skills and maintain endurance is strongly recommended.

Sessions start promptly at 8:30 am and take an average of 4 - 6 hours, depending on the length of the ride.


Curriculum for BD I consists of lectures, demonstrations, practice and supervised rides. Students learn proper helmet adjustment, appropriate cycling clothing and accessories, advantages and disadvantages of various types of bikes, gears, shifting, brakes and braking techniques, rules of the road, safety in traffic, group cycling etiquette, how and what to eat and drink for optimum performance, climbing and descending, how to fix a flat, and much more. Mileage is gradually increased from about 10 miles the first day to 35 miles on the last day.


Six Saturdays following Bike Driving I. Prerequisite: Graduation from BD I. Membership in Almaden Cycle Touring Club is required for all participants.

Curriculum for BD II is for students who want to increase their endurance and climbing ability and ride a metric century. Instruction topics include nutrition, heart rate and training zones, riding in the rain, pedaling techniques, gearing and gear charts, drafting, and much more. Mileage goals increase from 35 to 62 miles.

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